General Add-on FAQ

HowTo's and answers regarding common topics like development-versions, updates, un-install, downloads, the latest FAQ topics and more.

Post add-on problems: Help and support

If you don't get an answer or your topic was deleted, make sure you checked the the General Add-ons FAQ and that you searched the forum for similar topics.
Please always mention add-on name and version in new topics!
Always open a separate thread for new issues, otherwise your posting will be removed. A meaningful topic subject and an informative text can be your trump card.
Don't forget to check whether you already obtained the latest version!

Post add-on suggestions: Feature requests

Please always mention the addon name in new topics!

Post off-topic: Everything else

...except advertisings

Confirmed bugs

New category, created april, 30, 2011
Please check this before posting a problem!

Fixed bugs

New category, created may, 13, 2011
The latest add-on updates always are published here first!